Overcoming the Fear of Man

by mandyade

“The fear of man brings a snare, But whoever trusts in the LORD shall be safe.” Proverbs 29:25

Are you easily intimidated by others? Do you find that you are acutely aware of the eyes of people on you?

When we live our lives fearing man and the opinions of those around us we become trapped within the systems of this world. We are being motivated by the lie that people hold our future, our destiny and our promotion.

With this as our belief system we are constantly juggling and trying to get further in our career, ministry and relationships by impressing people. This type of performance-living becomes a trap and natural graces like creativity and confidence are stunted in our lives. We become frustrated and can never win because it is impossible to please everyone all the time.

By trusting the unseen God we place our lives under His divine protection and design. God’s Word tells us that blessing and promotion come from the north. Not the east, west or south but from heaven. God holds your future, not any person. God will bring His favor and the right people alongside you to help you in your journey without you having to contort yourself to please everyone. God wants you to trust Him above everything else in your life.

Allow yourself to become consciously aware of His presence in every situation. When you are tempted to shrink back in the spirit of intimidation and fear, grab that moment and focus on God’s presence right there!

Meditate on these facts:                                   

1.  You are deeply loved and accepted by your Heavenly Father.

2.  You are justified by Christ’s finished work on the cross, because of this you do not have to fear the opinions of people.

3.  You are pleasing to God because of the blood of His son.

4.  You can know God’s presence as the supreme reality in your life.

5.  Worldly systems and people do not have power over your life, God does.

As you begin to grasp these facts and trust God as your promoter, protector and helper you will experience true freedom in your life. Your dreams, goals and life mission will be accelerated as you forget your fear of people and move into greatness. Creativity will begin to thrive in your life and confidence will increase as you walk in this freedom.