Understanding your God given callings

by mandyade

“For you created my inmost being; you knit me together in my mother’s womb.” Psalm 139:13

William Wilberforce, the great abolitionist, struggled with his calling. He had the passion and the heart of a preacher but he also burned to see slavery abolished. He didn’t know if God was calling him to preach or to pursue a career as a lawyer.

God had to equip this man with the heart of a fiery preacher and all of the conviction and passion that goes with that in order for him to stand before men and demons to abolish slavery.

Wilberforce couldn’t always understand this fire that God had put inside of him and how he should direct it. The seemingly obvious answer would be for him to be a preacher, but this ‘heart of fire’ placed in his DNA was to equip him for his call to abolish slavery. A trusted friend offered this advice:  pursue his passion as a lawyer and an abolitionist. William went on to be a mighty tool in God’s hand to fulfill God’s call and help abolish slavery in England.

We often struggle over knowing exactly to what God has called us. God knows you and your assignment more than you do. When God knit you together in your mother’s womb, He created a unique set of callings for your life. Psalm 139 speaks of God to this.

God places our callings in our DNA like seed. Every person God creates has unique assignment seeds placed in their lives before they are born. Many will never know they are there. These seed callings lie dormant until they are accessed by our faith.

One of Jesus’ disciples, Peter, nearly threw his calling away telling Jesus to depart from Him when he realized how insignificant he was in comparison to the powerful call of God on his life. Jesus responded by prophesying over Peter, telling him that he was called to catch men (Luke 5:7-9).

Peter didn’t recognize the powerful call on his life because he was so aware of his past failings. Like Peter, our limitations chain us down because we often don’t realize the callings encoded on our genetics. We must believe God and His call on our life are bigger than us.

Wilberforce and Peter didn’t always understand their great callings but, as they recklessly followed their God and their passions (even though they were unusual for the day), they were led by God’s unseen hand to fulfill the unique call over their lives.

As you follow the Author of your faith and the passion He has put inside you, you will live your call!