Life in Color

by mandyade

My times are in your hands.” Psalm 31:15a

Has this ever happened to you? A fried asks, “How did your day go?” You reply, “Amazing!!” And he says, “Oh, wow, what happened?” You think for a moment and realize that nothing really happened. In fact, your day sounds quite dull, BUT during the day God showed up somewhere and made a normal day exciting.

We all crave buzz and excitement. We were created to appreciate the thrilling aspects of life. When life gets boring there is a tendency to look for excitement in the wrong places. We are made to carry and walk in the most thrilling lifestyle possible; the daily God adventure- life in color!

Jesus wept over Jerusalem because they did not recognize Him when He came to them. He was filled with compassion and frustration that this was Jerusalem’s hour and they were missing it. Jerusalem couldn’t access the great things waiting for them because they didn’t recognize God’s visitation. Learning to recognize when God comes to us is critical. If we miss His attempts to visit us we miss the adventure He brings.

Often our biggest problem is that we reserve time with God and expect Him to show up during that time, then we close that part of our day. ‘Duty’ is a killer of God adventures.  When we feel we have done our duty by spending time with God or ministering in any way we have just allowed duty to suck the life out of our day.

Duty thinks we need to get God’s blessing over our day but it doesn’t understand that God doesn’t only want to bless our activities; He wants to be part of them. With a ‘duty’ mindset we couldn’t hear God even if He was screaming, (unless of course if it was during God’s assigned time.)

He waits over us each day to intercept normal life and make it spectacular.

Jesus’ life was a ministry adventure; his formal teaching was simply a facet of His ministry. He knew and understood that ministry is not something we do, it is who we are. Our life is our ministry- we all have a ministry- it is every part of our life.

If we put ministry or any aspect of our faith (no matter how great it is) into a compartment we unintentionally set ourselves up to miss God in all the other places. We have to allow God to mess with our schedule. We can’t compartmentalize any aspect of  ministry or our walk with God because our life is our ministry.

Sometimes His sweet interludes mess with our routines but it’s part of our daily adventure, here are some practical applications to recognizing God when He comes to us:

1. Stay tuned into God’s voice after a time of prayer or  ministry-it’s often in the afterglow where the glory lies.

2. Awake yourself to God throughout the day by reminding yourself that He is rejoicing over you with love and passion. (Make yourself stop & be conscious of His love when you think of it- no matter where you are.)

3. Be expectant and ready. He is waiting to intercept your day with His love; it could be in awkward and strange places.

4. Recognize God’s voice (it may come in an unusual form). Pause your activity when you think you sense Him. Listen and flow into what He is doing.

5. Be open to changing gears quickly if God starts to mess with your organized plans.

6. Honor God more than your schedule. “My times are in your hands” (Psalm 31:15a.)

It’s His day when you let Him mess with it and He’s going to make it a great day

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