Moving Forward

by Julie

“Forget the former things; do not dwell on the past. See, I am doing a new thing…” Isaiah 43:18

Moving is hard work.If you have ever moved before than you can understand. It’s much more than moving from one place to another.The process of cleaning , sorting and packing can often be very overwhelming.

    When God begins to move us it’s not always easy either. Even though we are not doing any heavy lifting or tedious house work, our seasons shift changing everything. When He moves us into a new season sometimes everything about our lives change. He moves us into deeper faith and obedience which often takes great courage and risk.
Despite the hard parts of moving, it can also be a very exciting experience. By looking through old photographs and other sentimental items, we are able to take time to remember all of the blessings that we experienced during that time. We have the room to downsize and simplify, getting rid of all of the things we don’t need anymore.

When we move deeper and deeper into His presence it’s helpful to remember the times that He has come through for us. It’s helpful to remember and be thankful for the goodness that He showed to us in our past. When God is moving us into a new season we often need to let go of the things that we don’t need. We have remembered and called upon His goodness and we can toss out doubt and fear. We don’t need to take along unnecessary things that compete for the same space He so desires to fill.

Moving to a different place isn’t about starting over but continuing the journey. It’s another chapter that is building to the climax of the greater story.  Moving to new places should be exciting, filled with new opportunities. Nothing may not look the same as it used to and normal routines will be different. As uncomfortable as change can be, there is adventure in the different and the new.

Think about the story of Paul’s conversion. Before he had a life changing encounter with the living God, his life was much different. He persecuted the church, threw people into prison and was present for the stoning of the martyr Stephen. The Lord met him on the road to Damascus and changed him. He was made clean and forgiven for everything  he had done. Can you imagine how different things would be if Paul never let go of his past? He would have never been able to walk in his new journey. Paul recognized his past but didn’t let it hold him back.

So where is God moving you? What is He doing in your life? What has He done for you already? What do you need to let go of? Do you have a community of people around you that you can count on in times of need?  What are the new things God is bringing you into? How is He changing you?