by Julie

“They will celebrate your abundant goodness and joyfully sing of your righteousness.” Psalm 145:7

Celebration is a lifestyle and a form of worship. It’s not  just something to wait to do for birthdays, holidays, marriages and graduations. Because God desires our worship, every day we have many  opportunities  to rejoice in  what God is doing and how He is moving.

I love the song “You are Good” by Brian Johnson and Jeremy Riddle where it says“In the sun or rain my life celebrates, You are good, You are good!” No matter what the day brings or what season you are in, focusing on the goodness of God  is vital. Nehemiah 8:10 says “ the joy of the Lord is your strength.” By remaining in joy and constant worship of  God , you have the strength to face anything the day can bring you.

We celebrate birthdays and babies being born because we honor  life. We have each been given an identity from the Lord. It’s good to enjoy who He has made you to be and what He has called you to do. Have a good time being who you were created to be. value  your life and the lives of those around you. Call out the greatness you see in people. Take joy in their victories and thank God for them.

We have been invited and we are all in for the party of a lifetime. It’s time to rejoice in  what the Lord has done for us! Let’s bring the joy and delight of heaven down to earth. God is good and His intentions for us are good. We get to join in with a good God to bring about His purposes to the world. If that’s not a reason to party  I don’t know what is.

Who are some people in your life you can value and honor? Does your life resemble a life of  worship? What opportunities is God giving you to rejoice?