Shifting Perspectives

by happilyeverbecoming

In elementary school, I was driven to materialize my imaginations with whatever vehicle available – paint, play dough, Popsicle sticks, Paper Mache.  Though my mind’s eye twitched and ignited, I couldn’t manage shifting out of park.

Like a dyslexic seeing-eye dog, my hands led me in all sorts of erratic, fumbling directions creating poor imitations rather than true reflections of what I envisioned.  In my senior year art class I finally accepted this truth.   Holding up a piece of my “abstract art” – a color-bleeding butterfly – I winced.  Like this ugly, watered-down version of a butterfly, so were my artistic talents.  Letting go of my paintbrush, I set aside my artistic dreams.

What was it that kept fueling this creative passion while my art choked on empty fumes?  I think it was the hope of improvement.  Yet, more than hope, I envisioned a desired outcome – saw beyond the artwork’s present form and reality to what it could be.  Now, that’s how I see people.

In a StrengthsFinder test, I discovered that I am a “Developer” – someone who sees, recognizes and cultivates the potential in others.  This StrengthsFinder test/book gives the reality check that “you cannot be anything you want to be – but you can be a lot more of who you already are.”  Instead of operating out of my weaknesses, I found the value of developing and living out of my strengths.

This shift resurrected my desire to express what I saw.  God showed me that I am an “artist who sees” three ways: seeing potential in others, being a dreamer, and using words to give birth to the pictures in my head.  I realized I still possessed God’s creative gift – I just had to find a different vehicle.

Are you tired of hitting road blocks?  Don’t give up on the journey.  Ask the Lord to help you see yourself from His perspective.  Discovering your God given strengths and releasing your frustrations will help you drive your passions forward.