Who Can Stand Against God’s Children?

by mandyade

Joseph’s brothers wanted him out of the picture. He had too much favor and was regarded as a threat to his brothers. When we think of persecution we think of someone suffering because they profess the name of Jesus. This is true, but it’s interesting that the root of much persecution is not simply the profession of Jesus, but the power that accompanies it. This power brings favor and change to everything it touches. If the bearers of that Name preached a name with no power there would be no reason for persecution, but because the godly flow in favor from heaven, jealousy is aroused from man and demons.

The persecutions in the book of Acts were rooted in fear and jealousy, so was the tragic persecution to Hebrew babies under Pharaoh and again under Herod. Jesus Himself was persecuted because the favor on His life was too much for the religious leaders, they had to get Him out of the picture. He was a threat; jealousy and fear was the root of the persecution.

Peter and Silas were persecuted because there was favor flowing from their lives and the religious leaders were jealous. Paul was persecuted because his message became so popular with the people that the business of ‘idol making and temple worship’ was suffering financially. Too much favor.

I remember the days when I thought I was suffering for Jesus when I lacked wisdom in my ‘witnessing’. The persecution spoken of in the Bible was not self-imposed and was not due to a contentious spirit.

When we live a life of love and Holy Spirit power -favor will rest on our lives; this favor from heaven will arouse jealousy and often fear. I believe this is the root of persecution even in third world countries; the Name carries too much favor is a threat.

“Everyone who wants to live a godly life in Christ Jesus will be persecuted.” (2 Timothy 3:12) There’s no way to avoid persecution if you walk in heavenly favor. Favor is accompanied with power and this will lead to change around you, both in people’s lives and structures in society. This is an excellent thing, it’s what we long for, but this increase of favor will arouse jealousy in some.

Josephs’ journey was marked with persecution due to the special favor he carried. The time came when Gods’ favor over Joseph was so great that no man or demon could resist him and God took him to his place of destiny. God used the sin that was committed against Joseph to eventually bless him. This sin that was intended to remove Joseph from his place of destiny was directly linked to Joseph being thrust into his place of destiny.

God used all injustices against Joseph to take him to the palace. “And we know that in all things God works for the good of those who love him, who have been called according to his purpose.”(Romans 8:28) This is not to say it was Gods idea for Joseph’s brothers to sell him into Egypt, but God has promised to take the weapons used against us and refashion them into tools for blessing.

Trust God today to use the injustices against you to thrust you into your destiny. Be strong and believe this no matter how hard it gets. (Romans 8:28)