He Will Wait for You

by ivyjonah

And He ( Jesus) took the children in his arms, placed his hands on them and blessed them. Mark 10:16

I have been very conscious, lately, of the many aspects of healing that the Lord has brought into my life. Sometimes, looking back is not a bad thing. It can actually be a source of gratitude and an altar of remembrance.

Such was the case, when my husband just got up from his recliner to get our mail from our street side mailbox. I pictured him going up the driveway and crossing the street and retrieving the mail. Going from “Here to There”…the route from the house to the mailbox…a very normal routine.

Years ago, I was living in a new town, with young children, without a car, a church or friends. I started to experience symptoms of agoraphobia. I was terrified of leaving the house. I may have not had a severe case, but it was debilitating. I tried to keep my fears hidden from others, as I thought being honest about them would send me into a hospital.

As I thought about Marcel getting the mail, a question formed in my mind, “Do you remember when going to get your mail was nearly impossible?”

Of course I remembered.

Getting the mail produced an unreasonable amount of fear. I would look out our picture window and stare at the box. To me, it was like being asked to leap between two tall buildings. I was frozen. I was trapped.
My healing didn’t come in one whole swoop. I likened it more to the Lord saying “Take the first step and I will teach you how to walk! You come…you step out…you can do it.”

There is a plethora of touching videos online of military personnel being reunited with family members. The ones with children are the most heartwarming.

The scene is a school gym. The soldier dad arrives and gets about half way on the court and he bends down and waits. At the other end is his six year old son, who is has cerebral palsy. He was never expected to walk. But there he is, walking tentatively towards his dad. It had to have taken tremendous restraint for that dad not to run to his son and scoop him up. But LOVE waited. In that hesitation; he was showing his son the love that says “Come here to your Daddy.” You can do this son! I believe in you!”

So where is Here to There for you?

You have a Heavenly Father that is your greatest cheerleader. He is the One, who believes in you and waits for you. His arms are opened wide, as He scoots down to your level, to pull you into a warm embrace. He is SO proud of you!

My Abba…my Daddy God, let me always remember that YOU are the most important between here and there.