Your Gift is Not Yours

by mandyade

I recently heard about a young soldier who had been badly wounded and was recovering in hospital. The soldier and his family were reeling from pain and loss but in all of it they were so comforted by the amazing nurses and doctors who were caring for them.

God gives a special gift to those in the medical profession. They are gifted so that they can release comfort and healing to multitudes of people. God has not gifted them for themselves but in his mercy for the people. The nurse is not given the gift of nursing to serve herself, but to serve many. That is an easy concept to understand but it works in every realm of gifting.

When we think of a person as being gifted we often think-‘how blessed they are’ when really the response should be ‘how blessed we are’ because the gift given is actually given to us by God through a human conduit. When God gives a gift to the world He uses a person to administer the gift.

When God gives us a gift, no matter what it is, it is given so that we can release it to others. Obviously the ‘trustee’ is also blessed – it is wonderful to sense the Glory of God flowing through, but the gift is given to the multitudes through the ‘trustee’.

We are all ‘trustees’, given gifts to administer in different ways to people. Sometimes we shut up our gifts for various reasons; we choose to keep these gifts in a safe place reasoning that it is our gift given to us and for us. In reality our gift is not for us to hold onto or hide away, it’s ours to release to many others – it doesn’t matter how imperfect it is or how inadequate we may feel, we must release what God has put inside us as it is His gift to the world.

God uses imperfect people to release His Kingdom to the earth and He has entrusted you and I to do this!