Do Not Be Afraid…God

by Rob Dunne

For you did not receive the spirit of bondage again to fear, but you received the Spirit of adoption by whom we cry out, “Abba, Father.” Romans 8:15

Hollywood has tainted true love. In the movies, two physically perfect people meet, fall madly in love and get married. Maybe they hit a few road bumps along the way. However, the inevitable always happens and they live happily ever after.

This worldly lie prompted me to compile a list of attributes in a wife that no woman could fulfill. Using the list to measure a prospective mate, they each fell woefully short. After church one afternoon, someone boldly asked me why I was still single. I said God hasn’t sent the right one. He called me out and said that I was single because of my perfectionism and fear of making a mistake. That cut me to the core but was a real wakeup call for me.

Three and a half years ago, several friends wanted to introduce me to someone. Hesitantly I agreed. We met for the first time at a community dinner. It wasn’t long before she said she loved me. That freaked me out! Could she be the one?

One day while driving to youth group, I was praying to God. Though not typically a proponent, I asked God to give me a sign. Is she the one that you chose for me to marry? Pulling in to the parking space, the bumper sticker on the car in front of me caught my attention. It read, “Do not be afraid…God.”

Fear is one of the tools that the devil uses to keep us from moving forward and succeeding in the plans that God has for us. Fear has the ability to paralyze us and keep us in bondage. Paralysis keeps you still. There is no way to make advances for the kingdom of God unless you are free from your chains and in motion.

Within an eight month period of time, I was engaged and ultimately married to my wife. If I remained paralyzed with fear or trapped in the lie of perfectionism, I would have missed out on all of the things that God had planned for us. We are an amazing team. Together, we have prayed for countless people whose lives God has touched. Some have received physical healing. Others have been set free from emotional wounds. That never would have happened if I didn’t trust in God and his plan for my life.

Does something in your life have you gripped with fear? If so, surrender your fear to our loving heavenly Father whose heart is for you and not against you. You can trust Him to love and protect you under every circumstance.