A Meal Prepared For You

by Julie


“How fortunate the one who gets to eat dinner in God’s kingdom!” Luke 14:15

The time of year is upon us that reminds us to be thankful. Every year we spend a whole day celebrating all we are thankful for. Living far from home, I have spent Thanksgiving in many different homes with many different families over the years. It’s a beautiful thing to enjoy each other around the table, feasting on a wonderful meal, and on the goodness of God.

A common tradition for many of us is to share the things we are thankful for. I take this very seriously and start thinking about my answer several days in advance. I see this as an opportunity to really reflect on my life and what the Lord has done for me. Scripture says that we enter His gates with praise and thanksgiving. When we become thankful we are close to Him. I want to take time thanking Him personally as I prepare my answer. Just as special as it is to share, it’s just as great to hear from those around the table. Giving thanks to God gives us an opportunity to celebrate the Lord and all that He is doing.

Thanksgiving was always my favorite holiday. Every year my family would host the big meal. As we prepared the food and waited for our guests the excitement would rise and our expectation of a wonderful day would grow. What a beautiful picture of God and our relationship with Him. He has prepared a table for us full of an abundant meal of His goodness.  This season I would like to encourage all of us to take the time and reflect on what God has done for us and be thankful. Take the opportunity to dine with Him celebrating who He is and feasting on His goodness.