She Helps Me Count

by Dawn Aldrich

2011-12-04 23.32.51“Be joyful always; pray continually; give thanks in all circumstances, for this is God’s will for you in Christ Jesus.” 1 Thessalonians 5:16-18

Bubble-bath clean she looks up at me with her half-mooned baby blues spilling crocodile tears and my heart puddles on the bathroom floor. She pleads with pouted lips, “Grams, I’m too tired to go home. I’ve just GOT to sleep here at YOUR house, please? I’ve GOT to.”

What’s a Grams to do but say yes? For time and wisdom teaches: say yes and often –seize every memory-making day as though it is the last. Say yes! For through her, I see God’s little blessings and she helps me keep count.

Blessing 1: Snuggled together- (Grams, Pops, ‘Kota, and the two cats) – for one story, that inevitably means three.

Blessing 2: Quiet voices in prayer, the “Mr. Moon” song, distant trains and good-night kisses that she doesn’t rub off.

Blessing 3: Smiling baby blues and sweet morning whispers through the bedroom door.

Blessing 4: She draws the wind blue – because that’s how she sees it – and all God’s creatures in the red barn and yellow hay in the silo. Details far beyond her years.

Blessing 5: “Something beautiful is up there, Grams,” she notices as black crows caw high above us on our early morning walk-about.

Blessing 6: Giggles as twigs tickle her face walking past the “messy house.”

Blessing 7: Her mittened hand swallowed in mine.

Blessing 8: Sweet, red-ripened strawberries dipped in sugar.

Blessing 9: Eskimo kisses between cold pink noses.

Blessing 10: The sound of her breathing.

Through her eyes it is always thanksgiving and God is close. She slows me down and points out details I’d normally ignore – details that count blessings one-by-one.

In the hurried holiday season, won’t you take some time to count? Count the little blessings every day, little gifts God sends your way even in the midst of noise. Start now, if you’d like. What are you thankful for today?