Don’t Allow Your Heart to Get Old

by mandyade

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“Let us not grow weary while doing good, for in due season we shall reap if we do not lose heart.” Galatians 6:9

Zechariah and Elizabeth were barren –they prayed and waited for years for the  but it never seemed to come. Finally, an angel appeared to Zechariah in answer to his prayers, but Zechariah’s heart struggled to believe. His response to this heavenly encounter was, “How can I be sure of this?” He had believed once, but had seen no answers; gradually he had stopped hoping and developed an unbelieving heart.

Zechariah’s unbelief worked against the promise; his powerful mouth was silenced until his heart came into agreement with God. When he finally made a public declaration of his agreement with God his tongue was loosed. Now he was able to speak into the promise of God.

We can unintentionally become like Zechariah.  When our promises goes unfulfilled for years, our hearts may begin to age just like our body. It may become calloused, weary and hopeless. Losing hope ages our heart like time ages our body. When it is too painful to keep hoping we might build up a thick skin against hope in an effort to protect ourselves from disappointment.

But, it’s easy to hope when you have never been disappointed, that’s why children can believe in anything. Once disappointments start to come many of us lose our hope. We not only lose hope in our prayers being answered but sometimes we lose hope in God.

So how do we maintain our hope when we have waited for a lifetime? The answer lies in where we place our hope – our hope must not be placed in the promise but in the God of the promise. He is the source of all good promises and He cannot fail.

When weariness tries to make you old, position your heart to become young again.

Receive your childlike heart by meditating on the following:

1. God is my kind Father who favors me and is tender toward me.

2. My life is vulnerable before my Father because He is my hope and safety.

3. Father’s goodness is over my life (no matter what I see or feel) because He is good and faithful to me.

A childlike heart will naturally be able to believe. Now when your body ages and promises seem far away, your heart will be kept young and you will be like the young girl Mary who was able to grasp her life-altering word from God with joy!

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