by ivyjonah


And the angel of the Lord departed from her. Luke 1:38

Lord, You spoke

Like Mary…we heard

Lord, You announced

Like Mary…we believed

Lord, You promised

Like Mary… we conceived

But then it seemed like You departed

I have to wonder if Mary had some of the same questions

Did she wonder whether she heard right?

Could she think she just imagined what the Angel said?

Were there times that she labored and travailed to “keep keepin’ on?”

How did she summon courage as others doubted?

Was there vacillation in her resolve of hope?

Lord, like Mary…

Yes…we heard

Yes …we believed

Yes…we conceived

Like her Lord

Help us to hold onto the


until Your “Appointed Hour”

In this quiet place

In this uncomfortable place

In this silent place

Sit with us, our Friend

Let the silence cause us to seek Your voice

Let the loneliness, draw us to You

Let the pondering cause us to grow in our trust of You

Keep us humble with a spirit of submission and surrender

as we learn to grow with the miracle of Promise

Lord, we believe in You

The Promised One!

Lord, like Mary we wait with expectancy, believing that we will be blessed.

We believe, that which You have promised, WILL BE fulfilled…Luke 1:45     

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