Hey, here I AM. I love you.

by Dawn Aldrich


Moving WheelbarrowThe calendar reads “spring” but somehow I’m not convinced it’s here, yet. I yearn for warmer temperatures, soaking up sunshine and yard work. Yes, call me crazy, but I love yard work.  It serves as my playtime, really. Digging in the dirt, creating designs on my lawn, watching nature’s changes from every corner of my yard, neatening unruly bushes, and enjoying visits from the birds and butterflies thrills me. It’s like playing at God’s house. He lays things out there and says, “Hey, here I AM. I love you.”

I enjoy creating a home on the inside, too. Maybe it’s the creative brain syndrome but I love decorating, rearranging, straightening, mopping, and cleaning. But, ask me to cook and I get all frazzled. Maybe it’s the undoing of things, the floury messes; sticky sugar stuck to the floor, the cluttered counters and stained stove tops. I’m not sure.

But come Sunday, I cook my heart out AND enjoy every minute because that’s when three and four generations gather ’round the table and we serve up love. We share our weekly ups and downs, cheer for our biggest and smallest achievements, and celebrate milestones, make memories, and play. It’s where God shows up in my sons’ and daughters’ conversations and through the anchored faith in my granddaughter’s whispered dinner grace. It’s where God lays things out around our table and says, “Hey, here I AM. I love you.”

In Song of Songs 2:4 (NLT), the woman says of her lover: He escorts me to the banquet hall; it’s obvious how much he loves me.

It’s that way around God’s dinner table. He cooks his heart out, serves up love all ’round and makes it obvious how much he loves us. We are his family and He is our home. He loves us first and He loves us most. It’s where he lays out his plans, cheers us on, listens and loves unconditionally and says, “Hey, here I AM. I love you.”

How does God make his love obvious to you?

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