How Deep The Father’s Love For Us

by Rob Dunne


“The LORD God formed the man from the dust of the ground and breathed into his nostrils the breath of life, and the man became a living being.” Genesis 2:7

As we took our seats in the newly built Sanctuary, hundreds of voices had already joined in near perfect unison to worship the God of the universe. Moments later, I found myself stepping in to the flow of worship. Like my favorite Cuffy’s sweatshirt, His presence began to envelope me. Two rows in front of me, a three year old boy stood on his seat. His father reached around his tiny back and embraced his son. Instinctively, the little boy placed his hand upon the small of his father’s back. It was a precious moment.

What happened next was one of the most amazing encounters I have had with my heavenly Father. In that still small voice that is at once recognizable yet often so difficult to discern, I heard Daddy say, “That’s you and me. I am always here for you and you can trust me with your life. I love you more than you can possibly imagine.” It was so moving that it still brings me to tears.

I am beginning to understand that the desire of God’s heart is to bring us back to the garden. Before Adam ate the fruit from the tree, his relationship with God was perfect. Adam was able to receive every ounce of God’s love for him. He bore the very image of the Father and was able to pour out that same love on Eve and everything around him.

Throughout our journey here on Earth, Father God is in the process of transforming us. Day by day and year by year, He molds and shapes us into the very image of His Son who loved us and gave Himself for us. Jesus paid the highest possible price to redeem us and restore what was lost when man rebelled against the Father. I am desperate for that restoration and transformation. Spending time in His Presence makes it possible and it is an incredibly beautiful transaction.

God is the Father of us all. He longs to wrap His arm around you and speak words of love over you. Are you willing to spend quality time in His Presence to allow Him to speak to you? Do it today. I promise, you will not regret it!