Breathing Lesson

by mandyade


A time is coming and now has come when the true worshipers will worship the Father in the Spirit and in truth, for they are the kind of worshipers the Father seeks. John 4:23

People respond to love. We are created for this purpose- to worship as a response to unimaginable love.

As believers, we are a new breed of people; true worshipers, as  Jesus calls us. He said that the time has come for this new breed to worship and know God in the way we were created.

There are times when we may struggle to worship; pain, disappointment and other distractions may block our gaze from seeing God who is good. If we don’t see that God is good we will not be able to worship Him in truth. We will attempt to worship Him for other reasons–to appease Him and earn His pleasure or to appease our own conscience.

But true worship is a response. It is never self-generated. He first loved us long ago, while we were in our worst state. And He first loves us now and everyday- even in our struggles. His love for us doesn’t change. He is always the initiator of goodness- not us. Our worship is always a response to Him. If our hearts can’t grasp His love we are unable respond in worship.

True worshipers are those who see what God has done and put it before their eyes. When our hearts see His love, worship becomes like breathing. We breathe in His love and goodness and we exhale our worship. We cannot live without this breath.

There are times when we may struggle to worship. These times affect every part of our lives since we are not breathing properly. We struggle to worship when we forget to look at His goodness. Even in the darkest night we can worship as a response to His goodness, since He is always good and no darkness can quench Him.

“Even in death the righteous have a refuge.” God is still good even when the enemy presses in hard.” (Prov 14: 32b)

To help you thrive in worship:

1. Give gratitude space in your heart. God continues to be good to you & others even when the enemy tries to disfigure life. Turn your eyes toward His goodness and do as the old hymn says- ‘count our blessings name them one by one’. When gratitude comes- worship will well up as a response to God. List His kindnesses toward you until you feel worship come…

2. Breathe in His love- Exhale your worship- Repeat. God loves you now and is good to you today. He always loves first- even when we are too weak. You don’t have to love Him first- all He asks from you is your response to His love.

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