by Dawn Aldrich

homesick (1)
Please welcome guest writer, Ben Lancia to {re}fresh today. Ben’s gift for prophetic words of exhortation led him to write his words down in order to remember them for the purpose of sharing them later. Of his poetry, Ben says, “The Holy Spirit has been speaking to me through poems over the past few years. This particular poem seems to be an exhortation for the body, not just for me, so I wanted to share it with you, here.”
by Ben Lancia
When so much in life makes no reason or rhyme,
my thoughts seem more focused on home.
But no longer to a place far back in time,
where my heart has a tendency to roam.
Now it seems much more to me
that home is not just a place,
but really a Person who longs to be one with me,
reunited face to face.
He once gave us freedom to go on our own way,
and we chose to break His heart;
yet even as we rushed to go astray, 
He never lost sight of our selfish hearts.
But He took us back through the life of His Son
in the hope we’d choose Him above everyone.
So you’d think home to us now is where we’d find rest,
back in His arms on our Father’s breast.
Yet, now it seems to me that we’re just not content
to live as pilgrims below and wait for Him to take us home,
where even as we’re known, 
we will even know.
We’d rather drive stakes in this earthen sod,
convincing ourselves as heirs to our King,
we’ve the right to live as other gods,
forgetting our Father and clinging to things.
And though we are promised a celestial mansion
somewhere in the eternal sky,
if here on this earth we receive not what we mention,
we fail not to question God why.
And though we continue with our endless cries,
“we want what we want and we want it now,”
still someday He will wipe our tear-filled eyes,
for we’ve never been more homesick than we are right now.