Journey of Love

by Rob Dunne


But above all these things put on love, which is the bond of perfection. Colossians 3:14

Things were looking good at the one third mark. The scenery was quite beautiful. White sheep dotted the landscape like miniature fluffy clouds. The sun’s rays reflecting off of the silver domed silos caused our eyes to turn away. Like a never ending roller coaster, our car bopped up and down and around sharp corners. What a fun adventure we were having!

Slowly, the black ink of nightfall overtook us. Unfamiliar roads that were once a joyous amusement park ride had now become a haunted house. Caution teased the speedometer from seventy down to sixty-five. Eyelids drooped like the jeans on a teenage hip hop wannabee. We were twelve hours in to our journey and we still had two hours to go. Are we ever going to get there?

My desire to become like Jesus begs the same question. When I look at His life, I admire the way He loved. Few people will walk up to a leper and put their hands on them. Jesus did this without hesitation. He deeply loved the religious leaders in spite of the fact that they were plotting to kill Him. Incredibly, He restored Peter to the fold and gave him a position of leadership even though he denied knowing Him.

My heart’s cry is to emulate Jesus and personify love. This is a challenging proposition. Recently, I had two incidents that revealed I have not arrived yet. The first was at work where I lost my patience with a client. The second was in a personal relationship where an old root resurfaced and I lost my cool. Thankfully, the grace of God covers me and I forgave myself.

Our ability to love others flows directly out of our relationship with God. Quality time spent in His presence is like looking in a mirror. Before long, we begin to reflect the image that we gaze upon. Revelation of who God says we are is contained within the bible. As we pray the scriptures over ourselves and commit them to memory, our minds are renewed and He transforms us in to the sons and daughters we were predestined to become. Knowing who we are and loving ourselves gives us the ability to love others unconditionally.

We are all sojourners here with our citizenship in heaven. Until Jesus returns or brings us home, we will never fully arrive. However, if we keep our eyes fixed on Him, the Master craftsman will continue to perfect us and help us to put on love. The question is, will you enjoy the ride or treat it like a haunted house?