Beautiful View

by Dawn Aldrich



by Dawn Marie Speer

The lush fullness of the Maple Tree
doesn’t compare to your lavish love
that is a banner over me.

The hot pink of the wild rose bush
does not compare to the crimson blood
of your sacrifice.

The vastness of the sky
cannot compare to your promise
of eternal life.

The wispy pure white clouds
cannot compare to the cleansing
I receive as I accept your gift.

The deep blue of the ocean
does not compare to the
depths of your character.

The warm, cozy cottage
does not compare to the
rest and refuge we find in you.

The sold rock of No Mans Island
cannot compare to the firm
foundation in Christ my Lord.

The uniqueness of each rock in the
wall that stretches from my view
cannot compare to
your many facets and your hand that
guides me.

The encompassing beauty of the view
cannot compare to the
splendor of the Lord.