Leaving an Indestructible Legacy

by mandyade


That six letter word that grows on us the older we get…

Legacy has a whole lot more to do with the wind and a whole lot less to do with our bank balance. Our legacy is like the Word of God which is described as seed;
the rain comes,
the seed grows,
bears fruit
That carries more seed.
The wind comes
distributes the seed…
in far and strange places
… the cycle continues.
Just as it’s impossible to track the seed, it’s impossible to measure our legacy.

That’s because our legacy is sacred, its proliferation is far greater than human scales and control. And our seed is indestructible. Do you know that it is impossible for our seed to be destroyed? Some of us will leave legacy’s that will increase 30 times , some 60 and some 100’s of times. The increase comes not by sweating and measuring every step of progress of our lives, but by submitting to the wind of the spirit since He brings the increase and He knows where the wind blows. Your legacy must be entrusted to God’s supernatural power and not be reduced to the fumbling’s of human hands.

God always gives us dreams and promises that will outlast our earth lives, because they are not only for us to inherit, but for the next generation to inherit. Our legacy is so much bigger than us; we like those who came before us are all part of God’s big picture. We are running with our forefathers promises. They are in the cloud of witnesses desiring us to inherit and enlarge the promises that were once entrusted to them .

Do the Legacy exercise:

1. Consider: The legacy you will leave if you went to heaven now. (Take into consideration the scattering and increase of your seed through prayer and people who’s lives you have sown into.)

2. Realize: Your seeds are already sown and are not under your control anymore, they will multiply without your monitoring. Many of them are probably in their umpteenth harvest. There will be a harvest from your life!

3. No More Fear of Failure: Because the seed has already gone out! They have left your hands so that you won’t try to count and evaluate them, because if you did you would constantly be clawing for more. You aren’t called to make those judgments; God is master of the seed.

4. Simply submit: To the lover of your soul, rest and let Him do what He wants to do with your life. What wonderful knowledge that God keeps your seed and God keeps your life!

Finally we can be content. Finally we have nothing to prove and I have a feeling that from this place of great contentment and gratitude we may be ready to leave our greatest legacy ever!

These were all commended for their faith, yet none of them received what had been promised,since God had planned something better for us so that only together with us would they be made perfect.‘ Hebrews 11:39-40