Hearing Like a Child

by mandyade


Recently, I lost an important book that I needed for the following day. I searched, asked God, but still went to bed frustrated. That night I dreamed that I found it in the most unusual place and, yes, it was right there in the morning!

God was not only helping me find my stuff, He was speaking to my heart. He wanted to show me something tangible through this dream. You see, before I went to bed that night I had read an article that created a wave of doubt. I wondered if I was taking God’s voice too literally.

I have been hearing God in dreams for many years and this was the first time I have ever considered that maybe I was too childlike in my approach. My questioning didn’t last for long because that night He showed up in my dreams, but this time in the most undeniable, concrete way as he showed me where to find my lost object. He was encouraging me to dive into childlike faith like never before!

It is so important that we hear our Father with a childlike heart. I think most of us start out with childlike faith when we first believe. But experience can tarnish that child’s heart. The good news is, we get to decide whether we will remain a child in our faith or grow up and out of childlike faith.

We can respond to His voice in one of two ways:

1. We can question, poke and prod.

Most times we tend to question ourselves, not God. Its not that we don’t trust God, its that we don’t trust ourselves to hear. I have learned it is better to be a fool for thinking it was God and acting on it, than a wise woman cautiously questioning and letting windows slip through my fingers.

Obviously we want to get it right every time, but we won’t. If we expect perfection from ourselves we will doubt more and see His glory less. But if we rest in Him, expecting more of His goodness, with less emphasis on our ability, we will see more of His glory.

I would rather die a fool believing than die a wise skeptic.

2 We can believe like a child.

Of course this takes faith. If you’re reading this you probably have faith in God. But most of us lack faith believing that we can hear Him. We know He can speak to us, but we doubt His ability to make Himself clear. A little child believes whatever daddy says, she knows that daddy would speak loud enough for her to hear, because she knows how loved she is. We have to believe that He wants us to be able to hear as much as we want to hear!

It is good to ask God for signs, but signs don’t substitute simple faith. Even with signs, there will always be place for skepticism if we allow it. Gideon, Moses (and many others) had great signs from God, but they needed childlike faith to pull heaven to earth!