Love Creates

by Mike McKinniss


On days like today, when my creative capacities sleep soundly, unwilling to be roused, I reminisce about a period not long ago, when the ideas flowed like wine, resulting in a kind of creativity inebriation. The ideas were not only endless, but so too the objects to which they were applied—writing projects, strategic plans, conversational witticisms. Like those who never lived through the 1950’s yet fantasize about them, I look back on that creative period as an idyllic time.

How did this imaginative interval come about? And could it be reclaimed?

What was it that spawned such an inventive spell? It began, as I recall, with a rendezvous with the love of my life. This was, at the time, one of those what-could-have-been relationships, and we had not spoken for some 18 months. Nevertheless, my heart was still in it, as the occasion revealed. I found, to my delight, her affections bent my direction as well.

Our meeting that day, I am embarrassed to say publicly, was exactly like your favorite romantic comedy. Birds sang. Rainbows appeared. Fireworks exploded. A year and a half of silence gives birth to any number of doubts about one’s love for another. Those doubts swiftly dissolved that day. I was a new man.

This was the fuel for the creative express that then hurtled down every track of my life: love. Carried by the rushing wave of awareness that someone loved me completely, the next several days were a geyser of ideas and energy. Suddenly there were a million things I wanted to do and I felt as though I could do them right then.

Occasionally people ask why God created the world at all. If, as his divine omniscience would suggest, he knew all the pain and suffering that could come of His endeavor, what would possibly compel him to proceed? The answer is elemental. Love compels every act of creation.

God is love (1 John 4:8, 16), after all, and so it was an inevitability that he would create–and create beings that could enjoy and spread that love. I suspect God could not help Himself. I imagine He must have simply been bursting to get to work on the ideas that would have kept coming, wave after wave.

And if our current awareness of the universe is any indication, the Lord’s creative projects have yet to cease. According to NASA, our universe is expanding at approximately 46.2 miles per second per megaparsec (a megaparsec being about 3 million lightyears). What does that mean? It means our universe is growing by inconceivable amounts every second, and it’s accelerating. All of this while suns and planets and solar systems are still in the process of developing as we speak.

God is love. And love creates.

The explosion of inspiration that erupted when love revived in my life got me thinking. Is this the way the Lord meant things to be at all times? Supposing I lost myself in His love perpetually, could I expect this kind of boundless ingenuity at all times?