When Heaven’s Resources Become Mine #unfairadvantage

by mandyade


Waving goodbye to my distraught child through the preschool window is still etched on my mind. If only I could have made myself invisible and gone with her.

Can you imagine sharing our spirit with another person? I don’t think science will ever come up with that one. But God did. There is a relationship so unique that is reserved for God and humans alone. We understand God as Father, Lover and Friend, since we have human relationships to mirror those, but here is a new one: God as Indweller.

Humans were never intended to live alone. We were actually created to be in union with another Spirit; God’s own Spirit. He lives inside the believer, right with the human spirit and we experience closeness with God that is a comfort like no other. He is known as the Comforter because He does not simply come with us in life; He comes inside us and loves us where no one else is able to go.

If I was able to enter into my little daughter, I would have been able to share my mind and my heart with her; she would’ve been the smartest preschooler ever with no fear or lonliness. How’s that for an unfair advantage? And that’s ours!

Holy Spirit lives inside us with our spirit. He reveals the mind of Christ and the deep secrets of God with us and gives us the unfair advantage as we live on earth.

This may sound freaky, kind of like an alien invasion of our bodies, but it is nothing like that. God’s not into mind-control. God never takes over our mind or spirit. We will always have our own mind and our own spirit. God does not come in like a parasite to steal and take control. Of course God could take anything He wanted and it wouldn’t be stealing because He owns it all anyway, but He is meek. He withholds strength to give honor to all that He is made. He enters only when invited, just like a dove and when we intentionally honor His inner presence we are giving Him the place of honor in our lives.

If we don’t give Him the places of honor He won’t usurp it. He will simply remain where we allow Him to remain, if we allow Him to speak and act and influence He will. If we speak above Him and think without Him He will not fight us. He honors relationship with us as a free gift and He waits to be freely honored and loved.

God’s desire is to share close intimacy with us, not to possess us in a controlling way, but rather to inhabit us like a dove. The enemy tries to fake God in a twisted way by possessing a person, stealing the soul and usurping that person’s authority. God will never do such a thing. He indwells us as our sweet companion and comforter. To help us think like Him, to lead us, guide us and be our closest lover and friend ever known to us. He has given us the unfair advantage, just as I would have liked to have done for my little preschooler!

Taken from Mandy’s new book ‘God Magnet- Recognizing and Releasing the Revival Who Lives Within to be released Spring 2015