Find Your Voice 

by mandyade



I had a dream one night that I was in an arranged marriage – married to someone I didn’t know or love. In the dream I was very upset, but I assumed I had to go along with it. When I awoke I knew the Lord was speaking in the dream: The people who had arranged the marriage actually had no power over me to make it happen. The only reason I was silent was because I thought I had no choice. I didn’t realize that my ‘yes’ or ‘no’…my voice…carried authority and power that could alter my future.


This blog is not about arranged marriages it’s about our voice inside. Our ‘yes’ and ‘no’. Our will. Our will is our ‘decider’ created to steer and propel our lives in a certain direction. When we use our will to agree with God we see God’s power intercept our reality. Our inner voice is there to say ‘yes’ to God’s will as it is in heaven and ‘no’ to every other idea.


Most of us would never disagree with God intentionally, but we can disagree with God by default – when we allow our voice of agreement to become silenced. There are times when we may think we have to submit to a life of brokenness and confusion – all things earthly, not heavenly. The truth is, our inner voice is not only for directional decisions, it is there so that we can agree with God.


When we agree with God we open the channel between us and God from which His good desires can flow into our lives and circumstances. There are times when we give up our voice because it seems that we have no choice, but we have influence over seen and unseen things more than we realize when we permit our inner voice to agree with the voice of God.


The woman with the issue of blood (Matthew 9:20) had a hopeless condition. She had a disease that made her ‘unclean’ so she could not even access Jesus for healing. She could not move in a crowd let alone reach out in her unclean state to touch the Rabbi Jesus. She could have thought that she had no choice except to watch the Healer from a distance, but this lady gave expression to her inner voice that cried out for justice against sickness.  She pushed through the crowds, past the rules of her time and her own fears and touched Jesus. The rest is history. 

Meditate on these and let your inner voice agree with God:

YES to moving ahead in God’s dream for my life.

NO to discouragement.

YES to peace.

NO to confusion.                                                                                 

YES to joy and expectancy.

NO to disillusionment and cynicism.


When you meditate on the ‘yes-es’ you will naturally verbalize the voice of your inner man. What your inner voice says will involuntarily spill out of your mouth and life (Matthew 15:18). If your speaking is continually negative or lethargic you’ve got a clue about your inner voice – make a decision to say ‘Yes God’ on the inside.


Now give expression to your inner voice by living your life according to your inner cry. If we don’t release our voices we will default into living a life that contradicts and silences our true inner voice.