“60 BE”

by mymorethanme

bloom where you're planted 2

Winter has waned, spring has sprung and I am finding myself increasingly restless. The involuntary, insulated isolation of short, dark, endlessly idle cold days has finally given way to feverishly longed-for days of freedom–delightful days that are lovingly sun-kissed, bright and burgeoning, extended yet fleeting, and deliciously warm.

One breezy morning this week, while walking and praying with the One who turns the seasons and bestows the beauty, I caught a sweet whiff of a past dream. I had just been seeking God’s direction for my family. My husband has been fasting this week, and with two weeks left to go I have been holding him more heavily in my heart than usual. He has awakened with the earth, and revived and ready is chomping at the bit, hungry for what’s next, mouth watering for more of God.

Reminded of this distant reverie shared by my mate, my pulse began racing as fast as my thoughts, as plan upon plan took shape and formed. Too full to hold so much excitement I immediately sought relief by dialing John’s number so I could share my epiphany with him. He responded as expected, and together our brain storm beautifully watered the seeds that were flourishing, that is, until we flooded the scenario and watched as these same tender seeds became uprooted and washed away by what-ifs. Recognizing the danger of losing them for good, we intentionally halted our thoughts, knowing while watering and thinking are good and life giving, over-watering and over-thinking are not.

As we were talking I was drawn to a passing van with the license plate “60 BE”, which I read as, “GO BE”. Initially I took this as confirmation to go and do this great, wonderful thing we were so pumped about. But “go do” is not “go be”.

John and I both tend toward doing. We think, we plan, we strategize. We mull, muse and meditate. I am inclined to stay exceptionally active in my head–always reading, researching and ruminating–while my husband thrives on energetic commitments and interpersonal interactions. As different as we are in these ways, it can take a concerted effort for each of us to sit still and just BE. Be present. Be at peace. Be with God. We easily do for God, and think and learn about God, but when it comes to just BEing with God, we can get a little squirmy.

The Season Turner told me this: GO BE. Go BE with Me. Don’t scurry and seek and search for what I want you to do. What I want you to do is be with Me. You’ll do just fine when you know who you are, and you’ll know who you are when you know Whose you are. Know Me. Be with Me. Rest in me. When you are firmly planted in My soil, abiding in My love, you will know My will for your life. I AM My will for your life.

I was reminded that a week earlier, at the beginning of John’s fast, God had given me this word for him: “Lead where I’ve led you.” And before that He had spoken to him, “Where are you standing?” Sometimes we can get so off-course seeking the right course we don’t even realize we are perfectly on-course–standing right where we are supposed to be.

Do you want to know God’s will for your life this season? Look at your feet. Then bloom where you’re planted. Flower, grow fruit, and if the wind carries your seeds elsewhere, then bloom there too. But always begin with your feet. Where you are is where He is, and where He is, is peace and purpose. He’s not where you were or where you will be; He is only where you are–here and now. Become aware of Him in, around and through you in every moment, heartbeat and breath. If you long to taste more of Him, simply soak up the rich goodness of the soil in which you’ve been planted. This is a gift–in the present is His presence and His presence is a present. I AM is now, and every now is a gift.

To effectively do we must effectively be, for to do well is to dwell in I AM.

Go BE, and be free.

“Be still, and know that I am God” (Psalm 46:10).