Jumping into greatness

by kerriebutterfield

Jumping for joy by Alice flickr.com_2614335692_0ab3d7948b_z.jpg CC BY- ND 4.0

Jumping for joy by Alice
flickr.com_2614335692_0ab3d7948b_z.jpg CC BY- ND 4.0

Then he said, “I tell all of you with certainty, unless you change and become like little children, you will never get into the kingdom from heaven. Matthew 18:3 

When my son , Noah was a toddler, he loved to jump off furniture into our arms (vulnerable parent moment here, because yes, this happened…a lot). He’d start by jumping off the low couch, and then off the tall bed in our bedroom, until he worked his way up to his top bunk bed to jump into his dad’s arms. He would laugh, and laugh, and laugh. Climb up, and do it again.

I cringed a little as I watched, but the laughter and joy of these moments captivated me. He would throw his little arms out and fly. Eventually Noah became so confident in his dad’s ability to catch him, that the minute his dad walked into his bedroom, ready or not, he would jump from his bunk. Needless to say, we invented a counting system and a “go” word that let Noah know it was safe to jump. And so the jumping fun continued.

In my journey with Papa, He has been changing my mindset, and heart, so like Noah, I’m convinced of His nature and ability to catch whenever I leap into His arms. Most of our lives we are learning to grow up to make good decisions, and if we were to be honest, minimize risk. As followers of Jesus, we must make sure we are making God decisions, not just good decisions. I’m all for making good decisions, but what if the best God has for you required you to take a great big flying jump?

Another thing He has taught me is to wait until He is ready. It’s His way of keeping me safe. It’s His good nature we are jumping into if He has asks us to jump or If He asks us to wait. It’s His perfect sense of timing I trust in. It’s His good nature I’m trusting in as I wait for Him to perfectly position me to make the jump and land safely. It’s all about the relationship, His love and care for me, and my absolute faith and trust in Papa’s heart to love me, and keep me safe.

We were created to fly into Him! Sometimes to grow and mature in the things of the Kingdom, we must surrender and become like little ones jumping into their papa’s arms. It was never about Noah’s ability to jump, but His absolute confidence in his very good dad that gave him the confidence to jump and fly.

N.T. Wright says, “It’s not great faith you need, it’s faith in a great God.”

There is only one strong, safe, and secure place for me, It’s in God alone; and I love Him! Psalm 144:1