He Has Promised

by Carol Nicholls

amen-by-ericferdinand_flicr-com_564993108_adfeb4330f_CC BY 2.0

amen-by-eric_ferdinand_flickr-com_564993108_adfeb4330f_CC BY 2.0

For all the promises of God in Him (Jesus) are yes, and in Him…Amen..So Be It!    II Corinthians 1:20

“I say what I mean and I mean what I say.” I really live that sentence. It is a fundamental statement of who I am. On the positive side of things, my word is my bond. On the negative side, I can come across as uncaring.

Most of us have strong convictions on some subject, but we rarely know why they are so important to us. In my case the reason is rooted in childhood.

“We are going on a picnic Saturday,” my mother said. My nine-year-old heart was excited. Waiting for Saturday seemed like forever. Mom never mentioned the picnic during the week but she had promised so I knew we were going. Only…no picnic, no mention of one, no explanation. There was only my silent disappointment.

In my childhood this was common. Today I feel my parents were just thinking out loud. They probably never knew that I believed every word I heard…considered them promises. I believed that until I was twelve. By then, so many “promises” had fallen to the ground that I became a full fledged cynic. I expected everyone, not just my family, to never mean what they said. Compliments were insincere; offers to get together with friends never happened. That is how I entered the adult world.

On the outside, I was a friendly and happy young mother. On the inside I was lonely and empty. No one could get close to me because I shut my true self up in an emotional box. People were not to be trusted.

So, how have things changed for me? Today I have warm, loving friends that I both believe and trust. Jesus so patiently taught me about my true Father, how he always speaks truth. He brought me through the steps of healing for the wounds in my heart. The path is gentle, if somewhat long, and I can see that we are going to continue until I meet Father face to face.

What are your strong convictions? Are they rooted in old wounds? What Father has done for me, He will do for you. He wants to put His arms around you, listen and restore your heart. Ready? Start with prayer for guidance. Find a friend who will walk with you. Schedule a healing prayer time. Don’t let another day go by with that empty, hurt feeling. He will never leave you or forsake you…He has promised this in His word and God never breaks His promise!


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