When the Rubber Meets the Road

by Carol Nicholls

image-by-whatknot_flicr-com_9368141520_d3b162e8cf_CC BY_ND 2.0

image-by-whatknot_flicr-com_9368141520_d3b162e8cf_CC BY_ND 2.0

God, who has called you into fellowship with his Son Jesus Christ our Lord, is faithful.

I Corinthians 1:9

Reciting all of the Biblical truths I have learned over the years is as natural as breathing to me. I know that God loves me. I know He works all things for the good. I know a lot..at least I thought I did until this summer when my vacation turned out to be the testing ground for my beliefs.

I spent three months living a nomad lifestyle in a 19 ft. van. You might wonder why a retired woman would want to drive 11,000 miles alone? You surely would start to question my sanity when I told you the kitchen sink refused to drain, the fridge became warmer than the desert I was driving through, and both the muffler and catalytic converter had to be replaced. Maybe I shouldn’t mention the morning when I checked the oil. The dipstick came up completely dry. Somehow six quarts of oil had vanished!

One evening the engine was barely running. With the pedal to the metal, lurching to a top speed of 20 mph I coasted into a dealership parking lot in Kalispel Montana. It was evening, I cooked dinner and went to bed. In the morning the mechanics said they could repair the problem and worked me into their busy schedule. By afternoon I was on the road with freshly cleaned fuel injectors and a happy engine. That night, 101 miles away, in Glacier National Park, the happy ending came to an end. Once again the engine was stalling and backfiring. What to do?

First things first, “Father, HELP!” Buying gas and putting fuel injector cleaner in the tank I headed back to the dealership. I struggled a lot on that trip with negative emotions and questions. Eventually I realized all of those negative thoughts were just making a difficult situation worse. I could not fix this or protect the van, or myself, no matter how much I worried.

“Let go and let God” might be an overused saying, but it works. It’s what He wants from us. I let go. And, when I did, the engine starting working properly for 96 miles over the mountains. When I was on flat land and just minutes from the garage it started again. God got me safely over the dangerous road and into the mechanic’s shop.  That is just one of many amazing things to occur on this trip.

My faith was really tested this summer. I had to actually let God take care of me because I could not take care of myself. The rubber met the road and I found that God is faithful to His Word. Have you ever totally trusted God to take care of you? He is faithful. Try it!