The “Unless” Moments of God

by juste buzas


The Lord will fight for you, and you shall hold your peace and remain at rest. (Exodus 14:14)

“When will it break, Lord?”  I whispered wearily.  “When will release come?”

My spirit was tired and heavy within me.  Oh, I wasn’t complaining.  The motive of my heart was pure.  I was quite familiar with the rebellious cries of the children of ancient Israel for I, too, had cried out in bitterness and anger toward God.  I, too, had looked up through bitter tears and accused God.  But this was different.  I wasn’t angry or even sad.  I was simply tired.  I was weary.

As soon as I cried out in anguish, words of Scripture and prophecy flowed through my spirit.  Words which reassured and steadied me.  I took a breath.  I was not turning back.  I had no desire to return to the old for I had tasted and experienced God’s goodness.  I had come to know His steadfast faithfulness – there in the midst of my struggle.  I was simply facing another day of trial, and my heart was faint to bear it.

In the quiet of my heart, the Lord led me to Exodus 14.  It was God who instructed the Israelites to turn aside and encamp beside the Red Sea.  God told them to stop and make camp.  He told them to rest between an angry, pursuing army and the vast, impassable sea.  God, Himself, placed them between a rock and a hard place.

Can you imagine it?  They were trapped.  There was no escape.  Behind them, Pharaoh in all his fury was coming to kill them.  Before them, an impossibility – the vast, treacherous waters of the Red Sea.   Their fears were completely warranted.   Yet, the God of their salvation had placed them there and instructed them to make camp.

We know the end of the story, the happy ending.  But those fathers, mothers, grandparents and children did not.  They stood there, where God had led them, and feared for their lives.  Their situation looked bleak at best.  It was hopeless.  It was impossible.  Unless…

Unless!  Oh!  God is in the “unless” moments of our lives!  In our darkest hours, God is our light.  In the unforeseen storms, God is our compass.  When we feel trapped, like the people of ancient Israel, God is our way of escape.  Hope lies in this truth:  Unless God!

You may find that God asks you to encamp between the rock and the hard place.   He might ask you to get comfortable in the midst of your difficulty; to hold your peace and remain at rest in what seems unbearable. Then, when all seems lost, God will part the seas, defeat the enemy and bring you into His blessed promise!

Let’s determine to view impossibilities as opportunities for miracles.

May we live out the testimony of God’s goodness by resting and rejoicing in the midst and the making of our miracle!

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