A Love-Sized Hole

by Mindy Kiker

Image by Jay Joslin
Flickr.1136261527_57561d94cb_CC BY NC ND 2.0

Love can be confusing–a powerful force responsible for the pleasure and pain of life. Loving means opening a doorway to the joy of belonging, but also to the agony of betrayal or loss. If you do not love, you will not hurt, nor will you truly be alive. At times, this deep urge that God has written into our hearts for connection and intimacy with others feels like a trap or a quandary.

When we are uncertain of God’s love, we either give up or we become overzealous, determined to earn His affection with our hard work. But strenuous spiritual disciplines are not the key to receiving His love. Believe it or not, He likes you just as you are. He’s not waiting for you to improve yourself. God enjoys your company.

Our desire to love and to be loved is such a powerful draw in our lives.  Sadly, we are simply too broken in our humanity to be able to love well, and so we set about on an impossible mission. Our determination to find love and belonging, meaning and joy in our most intimate relationships cannot be fulfilled without an intermediary.

Enter God, stage right.

Our Creator designed a love-sized hole in our hearts as a beacon to draw us to Him. Although He knows that we will try to fill it with false lovers and counterfeit affections, He waits patiently for these substitutes to fail because He knows that they will not satisfy for long. He stands close by, ready to rush in with His never-failing, never-ending love.

God is patient, knowing that it will be a life-long process of responding to His whisper. I have noticed four stages of growth as I began to experience the abundant love He longs to lavish upon me. Our Lord is romantic and mysterious and has planned a unique way to woo you with His love. Time and time again throughout our journey toward restoration, each of us responds to God by acknowledging His love, believing, surrendering, and receiving:

  1. Acknowledging God’s Love

Most of us approach our relationship with God initially through head knowledge of His love, but it has not yet got down into our hearts where it becomes an unchanging force that we can count on to sustain us in the trials of life.

  1. Believing God’s Love

When God’s love moves from our head to our heart, we believe with our whole being in the unwavering strength of His steadfast dedication. We no longer doubt that we are secure in His love.

  1. Surrendering to God’s Love

When the reality of His love moves from our head to our heart, we desire to surrender to this God who is trustworthy, kind, and loyal. His unfailing love invites us to yield completely to Him as our Lord and our Friend.

  1. Receiving God’s Love

The surrendered heart is positioned to receive God’s unconditional love that will never fail us. Jehovah God redeems us and restores us to His heart. Jesus becomes our peace, our refuge, and deepest joy.

May God’s favor fill you with joy as you press in close and receive the gift of His love. If this seems impossible–life is too painful and beyond repair–simply ask the Lord to remove the barriers in your heart to receiving His love. He wants to dismantle those self-protective blockades that are keeping Him at a distance. Give Him an opening and He’ll shower you with true love.

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